Kyungpook Mathematical Journal 2014; 54(2): 293-320  
Global Chaos Synchronization of WINDMI and Coullet Chaotic Systems using Adaptive Backstepping Control Design
Suresh Rasappan, Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan
Department of Mathematics, Vel Tech University, # 42 Avadi - Vel Tech Road, Avadi, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India, 600062
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In this paper, global chaos synchronization is investigated for WINDMI (J. C. Sprott, 2003) and Coullet (P. Coullet et al, 1979) chaotic systems using adaptive backstepping control design based on recursive feedback control. Our theorems on synchronization for WINDMI and Coullet chaotic systems are established using Lyapunov stability theory. The adaptive backstepping control links the choice of Lyapunov function with the design of a controller and guarantees global stability performance of strict-feedback chaotic systems. The adaptive backstepping control maintains the parameter vector at a predetermined desired value. The adaptive backstepping control method is effective and convenient to synchronize and estimate the parameters of the chaotic systems. Mainly, this technique gives the °exibility to construct a control law and estimate the parameter values. Numerical simulations are also given to illustrate and validate the synchronization results derived in this paper.
Keywords: Chaos, Synchronization, Adaptive Backstepping Control, WINDMI System, Coullet System.

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